First Dispatch from the Climate Sanity Front

Sunday – March 8th – NYC.  For the next 2 ½ days, I will be assuming the role of your humble correspondent at this year’s International Conference on Climate Change – where the only alarm I expect to hear will be waking me for breakfast.  Each evening, I will attempt to homogenize my notes from both interviews and countless expert panel discussions I’ve attended that day.  There are some amazingly impressive names here at the beautiful Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  And many will be presenting speeches and taking questions at the plenary meal sessions, as well as at the 6 main sessions, each comprised of four simultaneous panels discussing Paleoclimatology, Climatology, Climate Change Impacts, or Economics & Politics. And the first thing I’d like to report is that we appear to be experiencing a “Reverse Gore Effect.”  Unseasonably cold temperatures at last week’s DC global warming event...(Read Full Post)