Chas Freeman's parting blast (updated)

Charles Freeman withdrew his nomination to be the Chairman of the National Intelligence Council yesterday in the wake of controversy over his views, statements, monetary ties to the foreign dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and China, lack of respect for human rights (Chinese dissidents expressed their outrage over his views towards the Tiananmen massacre-the Chinese weren't tough enough in his view), his involvement in a Chinese oil company on the verge of breaking sanctions on Iran, analytical abilities,  and his willingness to serve as the propaganda minister of the Islamic world to our nation's children. So who does he blame? You guessed it: the Jews.Unbelievable aspect: The NYT was silent about the controversial pick of Charles Freeman until he withdrew his nomination; the paper repinted his diatribe against the Israel "lobby". For two plus weeks this story has been percolating. The Times has remained completely uninterested. The paper did not reprint any of the myriad...(Read Full Post)