Support for Hamas dropping in Gaza

According to some recent surveys, the people of Gaza as well as most Palestinians may be tiring of the antics of Hamas who actively seek to force Israel to defend themselves from attacks and bring misery to the Palestinians:

Ilya Somin writing at Volohk Conspiracy:

There is a commonly held view that taking military action against terrorists has the counterproductive effect of strengthening their popular support. Recent polling data suggest that Israel's recent action in Gaza had precisely the opposite effect. It turns out that military defeat (Israeli forces killed hundreds of Hamas fighters and damaged its infrastructure, while taking few losses of their own) actually lowered Hamas' support among Palestinians. A new poll by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 51% of Palestinians and 56% of those living in the Gaza Strip now believe that Hamas is leading Gaza in the "wrong" direction. Only 28% of Gaza Palestinians say they support Hamas, down from 52% in a survey conducted in November, before the recent conflict.

Mr. Somin also makes the trenchant point that the surveys are probably understating hatred for Hamas. People in repressive societies are loathe to talk against their oppressors - even if guaranteed the anonymity of the pollster.

But it really doesn't matter. Hamas could care less what the people think. As we saw in the recently concluded conflict with Israel, Hamas sees their brothers and sisters as props in their little stage play, performed for western audiences, who, like Pavlov's dog, respond by ringing the bell of outrage whenever Israel is pushed to the breaking point and responds to protect itself.

Besides, the people know who has the guns.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky