Famed physicist Freeman Dyson had it exactly right when he said that the global warming hype is driven by $$$. Our new Federal $timulus Gift Package has ju$t given 400 million greenback$ to that merry gang of global warming modeler$.

Merry Xma$ Global Warmer$!!!

But some of them have been getting $cared that the world might be $potting the $cam. $urvey$ here and in Europe $how that mo$t people ju$t don't buy the hype any more. Even the Briti$h Met Office, which has gobbled up it$ share of ... well, £££ ... after year$ and year$  of $care $torie$, warned ye$terday, in the Guardian of all place$, that endle$$ warming hype was triggering a backla$h.

'Apocalyptic climate predictions' mislead the public, say experts."

"Met Office scientists fear distorted climate change claims could undermine efforts to tackle carbon emissions." 

But that wa$ $ooo ye$terday....

Gue$$ what?

Today the new pre$ident of the American A$$ociation for the Advancement of $cience ju$t dumped another piece of $cary hype in the new$. Gue$$ what? We only have four year$ left, or the planet will explode!!!

(Note: AAA$ i$ the Big $cience lobby in America. And ye$, it doe$ run ad$ in $CIENCE magazine $pelling it$ name AAA$ ---   I'm not kidding...)

$aid Profe$$or Jame$ McCarthy, a$ quoted by tru$ty old BBC New$,

"Obama 'mu$t act now' on climate."

"The planet will be in "huge trouble" unle$$ Barack Obama make$ $tride$ in tackling climate change, $ay$ a leading $cienti$t.

Prof Jame$ McCarthy $poke on the eve of the annual meeting of the American A$$ociation for the Advancement of $cience (AAA$), which he head$.

The U$ pre$ident ha$ ju$t four year$ to $ave the planet, $aid Prof McCarthy.

If major policy change$ do not happen within Mr Obama'$ term of office, they will not happen at all, he warned.

"We have a moment right now of extraordinary opportunity, with a new pre$ident, po$itioned with $cientific leader$hip that ha$ known no equal in recent time$," the AAA$ pre$ident told BBC New$.

"The calibre of $cientific advice that i$ clo$e to thi$ man i$ truly exceptional.

"If in hi$ fir$t term, in the next four year$, we don't make $ignificant progre$$ in the$e area$, then I think the planet i$ in huge trouble.

"Without U$ leader$hip, which ha$ been $orely lacking, we will not get to where we need to be."