Stealth changes to welfare rules

Gee...think anyone in the MSM media is covering the greatest change in welfare in many years? Not just a change in welfare but a revolution in welfare that will make government benefits an open-ended commitment with no responsibility on the part of recipients to improve their own lives. This is why one of the most important articles published last year was "Senator Stealth (How To Advance Radical Causes When No One’s Looking)." That article took a backward glance at Obama’s career and revealed a pattern of slipping in seemingly innocuous items in legislation that actually have dramatic consequences. This is what we can expect from this most “transparent” and “open” of Administrations : trickery, smoke and mirrors, and deception: all with the willing complicity of journalists. Excerpt: Twelve years ago, President Bill Clinton signed a law that he correctly proclaimed would end "welfare as we know it." That sweeping...(Read Full Post)