Saudi money behind wife-beheader's TV operation?

Muzzammil Hassan, the man who started a TV operation to improve the image of Islam, and then beheaded his wife, turns out to be something of an international man of mystery. Dan Riehl has been researching his background, and discovered that, despite claims he was raising money in America, he raised money for his TV operation in Saudi Arabia. From his post on Riehl World View:The venture boasted these numbers upon launch. But they aren't expressed as they were in the Muslim press.With U.S. funding from more than 50 investors; Ropart Asset Management, a Connecticut-based private equity fund; more than 10,000 paying members and 50,000 pledged subscribers; Bridges TV is well-positioned for its historic launch.But he seems to have eventually opted to do his fund raising in Jeddah and or Saudi Arabia, not the US."The idea of Bridges TV came about soon after 9/11," Hassan told Arab News in Jeddah during a recent fund-raising drive for the network.Interesting...(Read Full Post)