Promises Are Meant to be Broken

In these first few weeks of Obama’s reign, our fearless leader has kept so many of his campaign promises that no one can argue Obama is not a man of his word. From shutting down Gitmo and ending the torture of terrorists whose sole purpose in life is to murder Americans, to setting up meetings with rogue dictators without preconditions and befriending the Muslim world, Obama has kept his promises.  (National security be damned.)But weren’t there some other promises to the American people about hope and change? Didn’t Obama promise a new Washington run on the basis of ethics and reform? We know that the word “hope” has been dumped for the more effective manipulative tactic known as fear (it will be “catastrophic” if the “stimulus” doesn’t pass). But what happened to Obama’s promise to make government conduct ethical and to make government policy open to the public? In addition to pledges to “Free the Executive...(Read Full Post)