New York Times columnist Roger Cohen a useful idiot for Iran

In the 1930’s, the New York Times columnist Walter Duranty raved about  how wonderful Stalin’s Soviet Union was. New York Times columnist Herbert Matthews glorified Fidel Castro in the 1950s and his columns helped lead to a Castro victory by giving readers false impressions of his strength and his good intentions. Now we have Roger Cohen (whose column is also carried overseas in the NYT-owned International Herald Tribune) carrying on that fine tradition in today’s laudatory column about how Iran treats its Jews. Cohen averts his eyes from, and seems to dismiss, the jailings and executions of Jews for spying, the restrictions on emigration, the constant attacks on Israel, and various other officially sanctioned acts of persecution. Is he that obtuse that he does not realize that the Jews he interviews in Iran are conscious of the ayatollahs’ surveillance and would be wary of expressing their true views?For good measure, he criticizes American Jews for...(Read Full Post)