Muslim mob attacks Jewish center in Toronto

Something approaching open season for attacks on Jews appears to be in force in Toronto. On the campus of York University, a Muslim mob attacked the Hillel House, pounding on the door and yelling antisemitic slogans. Unbelievably, according to this account  in YNet, the police demanded that the center itself close down -- punishing the innocent and achieving the goal of the mob. The website Mere Rhetoric commented:

This is the same country where it's in-bounds to compare Jews to Nazis -- but where the same charge leveled against these genuine modern-day Nazis would end with a trip to the Star Chamber. And it's the exact same city where calls to wipe Israel off the planet are treated as mere anti-Zionism.

Considering the degree to which Canadian "Human Rights Commissions" have attempted to persecute Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant for noting the contents of the Koran, the lack of attention to chilling mobs and their facilitators is startling.

Hat tip: Dennis Sevakis