Californians fleeing failed welfare state

California has pioneered the bloated welfare state, making itself subservient to special interest groups and labor unions. The Golden State has been in the vanguard of imposing draconian environmental laws, harming the economy, and as a result is now losing population at a rapid clip, as the dream turns into a nightmare. Who benefits? Neighboring states who are actively urging people to move out of California.

They are skimming the cream of the crop, looking for top managers and workers. Stephanie Simon writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Several Western states are launching aggressive efforts to poach jobs, talent and industry from California, sensing an opportunity to capitalize on the Golden State's current political and financial woes.

Right behind Colorado are Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Utah -- all planning to make similar runs at luring corporate executives, venture capitalists and manufacturers who might be fed up with California's political gridlock or anxious about potential tax hikes.

What's going on in California is very exciting for us because it looks like a tipping point will soon be reached," said Somer Hollingsworth, president of the Nevada Development Authority.

The pickings are rich as businesses are leaving the state in droves. That might satisfy anti-development greenies. Land that might have supported businesses will remain fallow-as will workers' prospects.

"California or Bust" is a thing of the past as other Western states poach talent away from the tarnished Golden state. High taxes and onerous and nonsensical special interest regulations kill opportunity there.

Will Barack Obama ever realize that states have always been considered laboratories for ideas, and the welfare state is an idea whose time has come and passed? Or is he likely to regard California as a model?
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