Jihad in Gaza's history

Victor Sharpe's interesting discussion of Gaza's history omits any discussion of the impact of its brutal jihad conquest for the native vanquished Jewish (and Samaritan) and Christian populations, or the chronic, oppressive imposition of dhimmitude in all of historical Palestine, including Gaza, during more than 13 centuries of Muslim occupation. For additional analysis about the historical plight of the subjugated dhimmis, see this essay at The American Thinker, both parts 1 and 2. Below are some relevant details about the initial Muslim conquest and colonization. Moshe Gil's monumental study of Muslim subjugation and rule of historical Palestine (from 634-1099 CE) elaborates on the initial wave of jihad conquests (during the fourth and fifth decades of the seventh century, CE), and details the lasting destruction they wrought (cited in my The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, pp. 79-80 )...at the time of the conquest, Palestine was inhabited by Jews and Christians....The Arab tribes...(Read Full Post)