Hey! Let's give a friend of Reverend Wright a job in the White House.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright may be gone but he won't be forgotten. That's because President Obama has named Otis Moss, Jr. - father of the current pastor of Trinity United Church - to sit on the brand new Advisory Council for the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Moss co-wrote a book with Wright and has penned articles for  Trinity United publications. Excerpt from the Weekly Standard article:   Even more interesting, perhaps, is Moss's own rhetoric. He is a political preacher and has said, "If you are preaching a gospel that has nothing about politics, nothing about economics, nothing about sociology, you are preaching an empty gospel with a cap and shoes but no body to it." His sermons at Olivet are hard to come by. But from public lectures, one concludes that, while his style is more subdued than Wright's (or his own son's) and his themes more benign, there are still plenty of comments that call into question his suitability for government...(Read Full Post)