Cher says living under Bush almost killed her

I wouldn't put this on the site during the week but it is, after all, the weekend and it's time to sit back, relax, make some popcorn, and enjoy the spectacle of liberals making utter, complete fools of themselves.In the pantheon of liberal cluelessness, Cher's statement that living under Republican rule almost "killed" her has to be right up there with some of John Kerry's utterances about our soldiers being stupid and the all time lefty example of idiocy, the Dean Scream. Grammy award-winning singer and Academy award-winning actress Cher told that living under Republican rule almost “killed" her, and she does not understand why anyone would want to be a Republican. She also said that President Barack Obama’s “intelligence” and “spirit” are “so great” he will be able to do “more than anyone could possibly do.”“His intelligence is so great and his spirit is so great, I believe he will...(Read Full Post)