Chavez and Obama: Scary Comparison

It is not normal for Americans to pay a lot of attention to elections in South America. Perhaps, based on this story in the Economist, there is a something important us to learn. And it is scary. Starting with the headline and subheader, the comparison to Obama's America are obvious to anyone paying attention. In fact, as you read it, it is hard to separate from what many of us see happening in our own country. The AmericasOblivious to the coming storm: In his first decade Hugo Chávez has presided over social programmes, inflation, crime and rising intolerance. Venezuelans will pay the price in years to comeConsider the following excerpts from the Economist's story and comments relative to America todayTen years ago, when Hugo Chávez took office as president of Venezuela, the residents of this Caracas slum would crowd around the gates of the nearby headquarters of Radio Nacional each Sunday. They were there to see but, more important, to petition their leader as he...(Read Full Post)