Burris whines that 'Media and Republicans are almost destroying my character'

No, Mr. Fake Senator, confirmed as you were under false and misleading pretenses. You are doing a fine job of destroying your reputation yourself. You are a fraud, a liar, a perjurer (not about sex this time my lefty friends), and a slime merchant. You have proven yourself to be just another crooked Chicago pol and your only hope is that Democrats cover for you by saying idiotic stuff like "It could happen to anyone."If it had been known that Robert Blagojevich, the crooked governor's crooked brother, had approached you saying that you could have the senate seat if you contributed $10,000 to Blago's campaign, the United States Senate would probably not havet confirmed you. So you waited until the FBI approached your lawyers with the news that at least one of your conversations with Blago's aides (that you didn't reveal at the impeachment hearing either) was on tape. Hence, your 11th hour "correction" to your sworn affadavit. If Joe Blow citizen had been caught...(Read Full Post)