Strange doings at Army War College

This report from Pajamas Media titled "Strategic Collapse at the Army War College" is just plain frightening.  A faculty member publicly defends Hamas while students are not allowed to read texts on militant Islam.  (snip) Two recent blog posts by Washington Post military correspondent Tom Ricks related to policies and publications by the U.S. Army War College give evidence to this strategic collapse in the War on Terror. Two weeks ago, Ricks reported on a new publication by Army War College research professor Sherifa Zuhur on Hamas and Israel that informs readers that Hamas has been misunderstood due to the misreporting by “Israeli and Western sources that villainize the group.” Zuhur concludes that Hamas isn’t so bad after all, so we all just need to get along and embrace the terrorist group through negotiations — a view apparently endorsed by the Army War College when it published her defense of Hamas.A second post last week,...(Read Full Post)