Pro-Israel rally in Paris

The day after a large pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris, thousands turned out for a pro-Israel demonstration. Ynet News reports: Several thousand demonstrators waved Israeli flags and sang Hebrew hymns in Paris Sunday to show support for Israel in its military offensive in Gaza, a day after a huge pro-Palestinian rally. Warmly dressed to brave seasonably cold weather, about 12,000 demonstrators gathered on a street not far from the Israeli embassy, according to organizers, the CRIF, an umbrella group of French Jewish organizations. Police said 4,000 people turned up for the demonstration held on a side street after city authorities barred them from massing directly in front of the embassy.Gateway Pundit noted that following the pro-Israel demonstration, no vehicles were torched. In contrast:In Paris, where organisers claimed 25,000 turned out for a march led by Communist and left-wing politicians, the crowd chanted "We are all Palestinians" and "Israel...(Read Full Post)