Geithner should not be Secretary of the Treasury

The media rush to exonerate Timothy Geithner's failure to pay his self-employment tax as an "innocent mistake" (in Obama's words) ignores a crucial fact: even after he knew of his liability thanks to an IRS audit, he failed to pay taxes on years covered by the statute of limitations. Additionally, his failure to pay in the first place flies in the face of the fact that his employer, the IMF,  notified him regularly of his obligation, and even paid him half of the tax liability, in lieu of the employer's share, money which he kept for himself.Jackie Calmes of the New York Times writes:The more serious questions surround the previously unpaid taxes. The bulk of them were detected in 2006 after an audit by the Internal Revenue Service for 2003 and 2004, and Mr. Geithner paid back taxes and interest then for those years.In November the Obama vetting team found other unpaid taxes for 2001 and 2002, and Mr. Geithner immediately paid those plus interest when the matter was...(Read Full Post)