Documenting the Global Warming Fraud (continued)

The scientific fraud underlying global warming theory is starting to be exposed (see our first post on the subject), as data manipulations have been discovered,  and now, news of the placement of temperature measuring devices in locations designed to yield artificially high readings, such as next door to a crematorium. The excellent site Watts Up With That exposes the data-gathering scandal: In my 30 years in meteorology, I never questioned how NOAA climate monitoring stations were setup. It wasn't until I stumbled on the Marysville California fire station and its thermometer that that I began to notice just how badly sited these stations are. When I started looking further, I never expected to find USHCN climate monitoring stations placed at sewage treatment plants, next to burn barrels, or in parking lots of University Atmospheric Science Departments, or next to air conditioning heat exchangers. These were all huge surprises. ...Then I saw this station, submitted from Fort...(Read Full Post)