1938 to 2008: The World's Longest Anti-War Song?

In 2008's "Back in Vietnam," the singer/seasonal actor Lenny Kravitz sarcastically sings: We're gonna keep on riding`til the enemy's been severedWe'll never turn around, we don't care if it takes foreverMen women children willdie we're all in thistogetherHere we are again my friendWe're back in VietnamBack in VietnamWe're back in VietnamBack in VietnamDo do do do doDo do do do doDo do do do doDo do do do doMy. This is Kravitz's third major anti-war number, by the way. He also opposed Bush Senior's liberation of Kuwait. Granted, we've heard all this before. In 1938, Hollywood presented an operatic anti-war plea for peace because fighting Hitler (Read Full Post)