Update on Gaza Strike

Ethel Carol notes:According to Ali Waked of YNet news reporting on the extent of damage  to the duly elected  Hamas officials and their infrastructure in Gaza:   Earlier Saturday, Hamas interior minister confirmed that all Hamas infrastructure in the Strip was hit during the string of IAF strikes. The Palestinians further reported that one of the strikes was aimed at a Hamas cadet course readying for its graduation ceremony. According to the Palestinian police Tawfiq Jabar, commander of the Gaza Police. Hmmm, so these Hamas cadets were killed before they graduated with a degree in killing civilian women, children and the elderly in their homes, schools, restaurants and bus stops.  Does this mean they were still considered certified martyrs like Jabar, commander of the Gaza Police, and entitled to the same number of virgins on their express trip to heaven.And David Horovitz, writing in the Jerusalem Post recognizes a whole new ballgame...(Read Full Post)