The New York Times finally gets around to covering the Wachovia scam

American Thinker reported on the role of Herbert and Marion Sandler in the collapse of Wachovia Bank and in  America’s housing crisis in this article   ("How Allies of George Soros helped to bring down Wachovia Bank") months ago.The Sandlers have taken the fortune they gained when they sold their California-based savings and loan and funded a wide variety of liberal and ultra-liberal causes, often in tandem with George Soros. The article was credited with inspiring the now controversial Saturday Night live skit that implicated the Sandlers in the housing crisis) and that noted George Soros as being the “owner” of the Democratic Party. The skit was controversial and was redacted to remove some of the material. An unedited version can be found here Now the New York Times finally gets around to covering the couple:The Sandlers long viewed themselves - and were viewed by many others - as the mortgage industry's model citizens. Now they too have...(Read Full Post)