Lone surviving terrorist from Mumbai speaks

The Mumbai massacre has been horrifically described previously here at AT . And even more gruesomely hellish details slipped out in a Malaysian paper about the Mumbai carnage from Azam, the presumably lone surviving terrorist.   

Instructed in Pakistan to "
kill till the last breath,"  the terrorists from hell obediently followed orders, slaughtering even before the Mumbai massacre.  En route to India by sea, they brutally pirated boats, slitting throats and decapitating the heads of those on board before throwing the mutilated bodies overboard.  

But this was just preliminary practice before the real work began.  

Arriving at the railway station, Azam and his colleague (sic! remember, this is from a Malaysian paper) opened fire, targeting Caucasian tourists while trying to spare Muslims.    

Surprisingly, the men did not expect themselves to be suicide terrorists.  Azam said they had originally planned to sail back on Thursday - the recruiters had even charted out a return route, stored on a GPS device.  

And because  21 year old Azam did not realize he was to be a sacrificial martyr with a 72 virgin reward, he pleaded
with the doctors to save his life, saying "I do not want to die."  

Because the murderous terrorist does not want to die there are sure to be confused so-called  peaceful voices urging India to spare him, arguing with peculiar illogic that if he is put to death then all are murderers, victims and survivors.