It has to do with them

As noted previously here describing the horror in Mumbai  "reports coming from survivors rival anything Dante ever wrote about hell."  And the general description certainly was hellish.

But as more facts emerge the horror grows the hell intensifies.   Many of the killings were random; whoever the Islamic terrorist evildoers (and as Andrew Bostom has bravely explained, here   and in numerous other clearly sourced articles yes, these terrorists were propelled by Islamist ideology)  encountered as they went from hotel room to hotel room or saw in the restaurant or street, they slaughtered. 

As Fox News reported: 

The terrorists used incendiary bombs, or grenades thrown on gas or fuel canisters, indicating they had access to the Taj hotel in advance, though the Taj Majal hotel denies any staffers were involved. (snip) The (Indian, ecf))commandos also said they were surprised at how much ammunition the terrorists had. There still was a lot left, even after the attack.

"Terrorists are far more advanced today. We didn't realize that they had satellite phones for communication or that they would be so advanced and use incendiary bombs," one commando said. The siege was particularly troubling because "they didn't spare women or children."

At this moment it appears that the largest number of non Indians massacred were Israelis and/or Jews.  And that was not random; that was deliberate, they  were targeted.  According to the report from the Israeli victim identification and remains recovery team, ZAKA,  the Jewish religious Nariman Chabad House, once known as a center of comfort, of joy, of aid to Jews, was indeed hellish.   Read these terrifying descriptions --and more --that manage to evade the liberal media squeamishness, afraid to report on the full extent of the horror for fear of Moslem retaliation tinged with political correctness.    

And no, Office of the President-Elect Barack H. Obama, (D), talking to them just won't reduce the terror.   

And no, Office of the Vice President-Elect Joseph Biden, (D), wherever you may be, for all your presumed experience to balance the inexperienced changing president, girding our loins just won't reduce the terror either.   

And make no mistake about it--sitting in our comfortable homes wherever we are far, far from Mumbai or Gaza or even appeasing London does not protect us from the terror to come, does not guarantee our safety.  For we are future targets also.  And it has nothing to do with their petty grievances against us or their supposed poverty because of us.  

It has to do with them.