Looking at Terrorists and Seeing Only Suspected Gunmen

In a recent column on the Mumbai attacks, Mark Steyn offered the stunning observation that major British newspapers called the terrorists "suspected gunmen" in captions describing photographs of the assault.  Those delicate labels are in the grand tradition of Reuters using quotation marks around "terrorists" when referring to the 9/11 attackers.  No need to jump to conclusions, they warn us.Since Steyn did not illustrate his comment or include links to the photographs, I decided to do some sleuthing and see them for myself.  Steyn's lament is, alas, exactly right.  In Britain's leading papers, we find pictures of gun-toting terrorists, in the midst of grisly killings, called "suspected" gunmen.  No delicate sensibilities are offended, as they might be if the gunmen were plainly called terrorists en route to taking hostages and killing civilians.  Since the pictures are protected by Reuters' copyright, I will describe them...(Read Full Post)