Has the New York Times got it right about New Yorkers?

A New York Times report on the last day of the Mumbai siege read: "It is not known if the Jewish center was strategically chosen, or if it was an accidental hostage scene."Is the New York Times trying to insult the intelligence of its readers, assuming they have no knowledge on how to roughly calculate the probability of this being an accidental event, that is, coming by chance upon 50 Jews in a city of 8 million? Or is it that New York Times is correctly assuming that of course the readers know that this was deliberate murder, but who cares for the 6 Jews massacred in a far away country? Who cares if we bend the truth, are they all going to stop reading us, The New York Times, because of this? Of course not.Has The New York Times got it right?  Has the feeling of being in the center of the universe on a late Saturday evening in the West Village or Upper West Side near ZABAR'S,  cleaning up the various unwanted sections of the just arrived Sunday edition, has this...(Read Full Post)