Green Inc.

Read Green Inc. by Christine MacDonald, an environmental insider. In it, the "global warming" believer acknowledges that her "good cause" has gone bad. "Social commentators have for decades criticized the growing gap between the rich and poor world," the environmental insider writes. And yet, she states: "In what seems like irony, this disturbing trend has been a boom for nonprofits." Consider (p.21):Organization Individual Title Total Compensation*  National Park Foundation James Maddy Past president $833,290Wildlife Conservation SocietySteve E. Sandersonpresident, CEO $825,170Natural Resources Defense CouncilJohn Adams Past president $757,914 Environmental Defense FundFred Krupp president $468,615The Conservation Fund Richard L. Erdmanexec. vice president $461,576Examine Al Gore's record too - as I have - and the gap between rich and poor widens, significantly. One Mc Mansion for me. One ecological hut for you. And, where is the Condi...(Read Full Post)