Genocide in Iraq

Critics of the war in Iraq should take a look at the latest edition (January/February 2009) of Archeology. "Witness to Genocide" by Heather Pringle offers harsh and scientific evidence for the utter cruelty of Saddam Hussein's Iraq.Her article follows the investigation of a group of forensic archaeologists in their efforts to uncover evidence to help convict Hussein of crimes against humanity in the International Court of Justice.Especially chilling are the results of an investigation into the disappearance of thousands of Kurds:Of the 114 individuals buried in the Muthanna grave, only 30 were adults -- 2 men and 28 women. The remaining 84 victims were children, the vast majority of whom were under 13 years of age.The evidence is in and the evidence is irrefutable. Iraq was a slaughterhouse of the innocent under Saddam Hussein. The left can deride President Bush all that they like for the conduct of the war. But slamming Bush on the removal of Sadddam Hussein is ghoulish.(Read Full Post)