Big Labor's big payback

Hilda Solis, the Secretary of Labor designate, is another signal that the big unions are about to get their way with card check and much more.  Amanda Carpenter points to her record:The Congresswoman Solis is a sponsor of the Orwellian Employee Free Choice Act, the number one agenda item for Big Labor and her experience in the House will serve her well in navigating the legislative waters to get the bill passed. She also has close ties to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Since 2002 she's recieved $121,000 in campaign contributions from labor organizations.She also seems to want a national monument to Ceasar Chavez, seeking to"authorize the Department of Interior to study lands important to the life of Chavez for possible inclusion in the National Park System."If I manufactured anything, I would move my operations out of the country.(Read Full Post)