Alarmism sells newspapers: then and now

"How and Why Earth Will End?" - The Washington Post Sunday, March 23, 1913 What the hell? Pick your Armageddon. Check out these Gore-like whoppers from the Wapo almost a century ago: Plain Global Plunging: "SCIENTISTS BELIEVE OUR UNIVERSE WILL SOME DAY PLUNGE INTO THE SUN." Global Terminating: "SCIENCE in the course of the ages has evolved a number of different theories as to the final end of our present stable appearing, comfortable old world. That it must terminate no one disputes." Stellar Global Plunging: "There is one theory which claims that we will some day plunge into the sun...The claim is based on recent stellar discoveries..." Global Sinking: "...we are told that the crust of the earth is a falling structure bound to sink beneath the weight of its mountains and continents and peoples into a seething liquid mass at the center." Global Cooling: "A third possibility is the extinction of heat in the sun in which case...(Read Full Post)