We Should Know Better

I cannot watch television as the world is turned upside down in a religious frenzy over the new "Messiah." On banners, signs, tee shirts, and pins are the single word slogans of "Hope" and "Change."  With no earthbound basis, no accomplishments, no proven deeds for belief in the new leader, the devotees of Obamania believe in HIM with the leap of faith that was once due GOD. Among the revelers are many conscientious and well-meaning Jews, who should know better. We should know how a charismatic speaker can promise citizens "hope" and unleash "change" that represses and then crushes. We should know that we have experienced and almost perished as a people as a result of blindly following another false Messiah. It was the middle of the 17th Century and the condition of the Jews in Europe was desperate. In the midst of bloody pogroms, poverty, and uncertainty (times far worse than our temporary financial setbacks), Sabbetai Tzvi...(Read Full Post)