The pettiness of an unrepentant terrorist

Bill Ayers is back in the news, pretending to be just an idealistic academic. This academic exchange at the link on Ayers' own blog below is hilarious -- proveing Henry Kissinger's dictum that academic fights are always most fiery precisely because the stakes are so small. Bill Ayers went to Caracas with one of UCLA's dirty-thirty most leftwing professors, a fellow named Peter McLaren. The latter clown is a longhaired loser who lives in a Che Guevara t-shirt, discusses his tattoos and calls himself a sociologist or something. Anyway, the two jackasses got into a fight, and in their wounded-ego slanging match -- which gets progressively funnier the further down you read.  They compared each other to lard in the throat, getting hit with a frying pan, wearing tinfoil hats, pompous provocateurs, etc. Oh and each one of them corrects the other's grammar with 'sic's after every blunder, to show who's smarter.(Read Full Post)