Sulzberger seismology: Is the family easing out Pinch at the NYT?

The Sulzberger family absolutely controls the foundering New York Times Company, and deliberates in secret on its future. Those interested in the fate of the company are reduced to a seismology-like reading of subterranean signs. Something interesting may be afoot.Oregon-based Wilamette Week reports that Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, son of Pinch Sulzberger (who inherited his job from his own father, AG's grandfather), is leaving his job as a reporter for the Portland Oregonian.A source in Multnomah County government, the beat Sulzberger has covered since he came to The O in August 2006, says Sulzberger revealed several days ago that he's leaving Portland in late December. Sulzberger declined to comment. (In case you're wondering, he was not on the list of Oregonian staffers who took the paper's generous buyout offer. Even if he was interested, he lacked enough seniority to apply.) Current chairman of the board Pinch Sulzberger has proven a disaster, with earnings plummeting, and...(Read Full Post)