Repealing Roe v. Wade - in Russia

Peter the Great once described Russia as a country in which things that just don't happen, happen.  It's true.Authorities in Novorossiysk, a city near the Black Sea, have declared this week to be a "week without abortion."  Doctors won't conduct termination operations except in "the most extreme cases."  In addition, at the city's maternity clinic psychologists and gynecologists will work with pregnant women to prepare them for motherhood.  More astounding, the city's universities will screen films describing the detrimental effects of abortions.  And a representative of the city's government says that "doctors will do everything they can to stop women from doing the irreparable."Like other cities in Russia, Novorossiysk is desperate to reduce abortions and boost the birth rate.  Indeed, the number of abortions in Russia is among the world's highest.  In Russia, nearly 70 percent of pregnancies are terminated. ...(Read Full Post)