Planned obsolesence

Obsolete:  Outmoded in design, style or construction.  The American Heritage DictionaryAP reports that Goldman Sachs is forecasting further financial distress for the obsolete American print media sector, as the obsolete American automakers have drastically reduced their spending on advertising.  Those familiar ads spilling over most of the classified advertising sections in leading metropolitan newspapers are designed to encourage buyers to go to their obsolete banks in order to seek financing through the obsolete employee discount plans being offered to the general public. The soon-obsolete Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, is encouraging the banks to get busy loosening up lending criteria before the bail-out program he helped foist upon the American taxpayers becomes obsolete. It remains uncertain whether President Bush will be able to exert any additional pressure on lenders, as his lame duck status renders him obsolete.Wow, those guys talking about change...(Read Full Post)