Diplomacy and Duplicity-Dennis Ross

After burnishing the reputation of Khalid Rashidi and dismissing concerns about the ties between Barack Obama and Khalidi (well, because Ross knows Khalidi, too: but does he give encomiums to him at parties, does he fund his wife’s anti-Israel activism, does he credit him with influencing his views towards the Middle East?), Dennis Ross gave an interview to the J Post  that delved into Barack Obama’s foreign policy “principles”. Rick Richman finds some problems, having something to do with facts.   Asked to explain Obama's statement at the June AIPAC conference that Jerusalem "must remain undivided" in light of his subsequent statements contemplating shared sovereignty with the Palestinians, Ross responded as follows:The fact of the matter is, Jerusalem is Israel's capital.  That's a fact.  It's also a fact that the city should not be divided again.  That's also a fact.  The position of the United States since Camp...(Read Full Post)