Democratic Double-speak on bailout bill

Senate leaders have changed history-literally and retroactively. Senators Levin and Dodd inserted language into the Congressional Record to make it appear that the intent of the Bailout Bill was to aid automakers. This occurred after the Bailout Bill was passed. If Republicnas had engaged in such deception, the media would have been publicized this far and wide. As far as I can tell, only Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel has revealed this "feat".  The plan? Make it the Bush administration's responsibility to give Detroit cash -- namely by claiming after the event that the $700 billion rescue package for financial institutions was in fact a rescue package for auto makers. This was attempted with several hilarious "colloquys" -- pre-scripted dialogues between members that were quietly inserted into the Congressional Record after the vote, all aimed at rewriting the "intent" of the law. Say, this one, from Oct. 1:Michigan Sen. Carl Levin:...(Read Full Post)