Creating the illusion of unstoppability on Election Day

Indiana's Marion County is where the Obama campaign has been sending ACORN/SEIU thug activists for the past ten months to create the illusion on Election Day that he is "unstoppable". It's only a three hour drive from the gutters of Chicago to Indianapolis (in Marion County) and there are hundreds of ACORN/SEIU activist who have made the trip many times over the course of this election season. Why? Because the polls in Indiana close at 6PM Central. There will still be polls open on the east coast when Indiana polls close, and the salivating Obama-supporting media can make their first projections. The entire Obama candidacy depends upon the illusion created by ACORN/SEIU activists fraudulently registering massive numbers of "new voters" who either don't exist or who won't show up. Proof? In Marion County, the corrupt Democrat operatives have managed to turn in registrations for 105% of the voting age population. Check it out for yourself here: Secretary Rokita...(Read Full Post)