Barack Obama & Richard Nixon: Soulmates?

Obama's campaign and persona bear a striking resemblance to a recent Republican President: Richard Milhouse "Tricky Dick" Nixon.There are a few minor differences among the remarkable similarities:  while Nixon spent months trying to overcome the issue of an 18 & ½ minute blank spot in the middle of a tape recording of his activities in the Oval Office, Barack Obama has shrugged off an 18 & ½ year blank spot in the middle of his resume.  Both were trained as lawyers and served as U.S. Senators.  Both rising young politicians resorted to a bit of unsportsmanlike conduct in the campaigns that jump-started their careers, with Nixon dumping Helen Gahagan Douglas while Obama jobbed State Senator Alice Palmer to shoehorn himself into the Daley Machine.Once elected, possible signs of Nixonian megalomania became apparent and he is now credited with greatly enhancing the Imperial Presidency.  At one point he proposed dressing White House...(Read Full Post)