The NY Times Covers for Obama on Khalidi

The latest whitewash of members of the ring of rogues around Barack Obama is delivered by the New York Times this morning. Barack Obama has had a long-time friendship with Rashid Khalidi, who taught at the University of Chicago from 1987 until 2003. They both lived in the small enclave of Hyde Park and socialized. They both taught at the University of Chicago.  The topic of their friendship has risen, in part, because Khalidi is a fierce critic of Israel and US support of that nation. Also, Barack Obama, when he served on the small seven person Board of Directors of the Woods Fund, gave 2 grants totaling over $100,000 to an anti-Israel activist group headed by Khalidi's wife.The Khalidi's also  held a fundraiser for Obama at their home.The ties between the Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi generated some attention when a Los Angeles Times article ("Allies of Palestinians See a Friend in Barack Obama") was published earlier in the year that portrayed the extent...(Read Full Post)