The Conservative 'Cocoon?' - A response to J.R. Dunn's post below and more (updated with more good stuff)

A fascinating discussion on the internets today about conservatism. It dovetails nicely with J.R. Dunn's great blog post in American Thinker where JR talks about conservative elites and how out of touch they are with the heartland:We need to know the precise reasons why too many of the core commentators of our movement turned on Sarah Palin. That is the only way that we can discover if the situation can be salvaged. What we've heard so far is only part of the truth, at best. The response to Palin by such figures as Brooks, Frum, Brookhiser, Buckley, Parker, and Noonan (Krauthammer and Will have been considerably more rational, if still mistaken) has been the farthest thing in the world from reasoned. It has been vicious and feral. People do not react to a merely disagreeable political figure in this manner. All the individuals I mentioned, including Krauthammer and Will in this case, have attacked the McCain/Palin ticket with more ferocity than they have Barack Obama, the most...(Read Full Post)