The 'ACORNization' of America

Remind me why protest groups who interfere with the running of the US government deserve taxpayer dollars, which they already receive and which they would have received in abundance if the Democrats had their way and created a slush fund for ACORN in the bailout bill. This is especially grating when the same group has a history of voter fraud. Of course, if Barack Obama wins and the Democrats continue to control Congress - which looks guaranteed - we can expect increased funding for ACORN.This is a group that has long lasting ties to Barack Obama and a group to which he has pledged his fealty: welcome to the ACORNIzation of America where Congressmen, businessmen, and local government officials will face the prospect of protest groups intimidating them any time the far left anti-capitalist, anti-free mearket radicals do not get what they want.Political extortion is their specialty. And it is part and parcel of the same rule book the Obama campaign uses to silence critics and chill...(Read Full Post)