Obama's 'No Preconditions' pledge blows up in his face

While Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) declared he was willing to meet with and talk to Iran without any preconditions (yes he did so back off Obama handlers; just listen here ), Iran has just two preconditions according   to Iranian Vice President for Media Affairs Mehdi Kalhor in an interview with the Iranian News Agency:

1)  all US forces must leave the Mid East;
2)  the US must drop all support for Israel.
Vice President for Media Affairs Mehdi Kalhor said on Saturday that Iran has set two preconditions for holding talks with the United States of America.
In an exclusive interview with IRNA, he said as long as US forces have not left the Middle East region and continues its support for the Zionist regime, talks between Iran and US is off the agenda.

In other words, the US must declare defeat in the region and abandon its ally to genocide.  Obama has already stated numerous times his support for the first precondition before he changed his mind for and against; his past foreign affairs advisor and perhaps future Secretary of State or head of CIA or National Security Advisor, Samantha Power, has  enthusiastically advocated 
 precondition two to the extent of supporting an invasion of Israel, ie, "the Zionist regime."

And both Obama and Power certainly agree with Mehdi who continued

It is the Americans who are in dire need of reestablishing ties with Iran, he underlined.

Iran is not obliged to reestablish ties with the US, he said.

"If they take our advise, grounds for such talks would be well prepared," he said.

It is stupidity to hold talks without any change in US attitude, he underlined.

If elected, the Obama regime will be frightening.