New York Times Unhinged Columnist wins Nobel Prize in Economics

For the past several years, the American Thinker has catalogued some of the looniest and most disgusting examples of Bush Derangement Syndrome flowing from the vituperative pen of Paul Krugman.

It pains me to announce that the Nobel Committee has seen fit to give this loutish, brutish, ignoramus the Nobel Prize in Economics.

A serial exaggerator, a hater, an inveterate clown of the left, Krugman's over the top, hysterical screeds against Bush, against Republicans, and especially against conservatives have been fodder for this site for many years.

Some of his more infamous columns.

1. He
wrote of his fear that conservatives would start "assassinating" their political opponents.

2. He insists
to this day that a full manual recount of Florida would have given the election to Gore in 2000 - this despite the fact that the New York Times participated in a consortium of media outlets who used 4 different criteria for counting the votes - Bush won three of those recounts while Gore won one of them by 3 votes.

He blamed "conservative ideology" what happened in New Orleans during Katrina.

He said at a book signing event, that there would be a"mega—Watergate" scandal to uncover a far—reaching right—wing conspiracy, going back forty years, to gain control of the U.S. government and roll back civil rights..."

This seems about par for the Nobel Committee whose recent awards seem to go to those with the most outrageous things to say about America and Bush while paying less attention to any actual accomplishments achieved by their selectee.

Ed Lasky adds:

This has to be the most politically-motivated award in history (including  the Peace Prize award given to Jimmy Carter). If we thought he was insufferable before, imagine now. Are we really to belive this has nothing to do with his 8 years of anti-Bush, anti-Republican diatribes?

History suggests that Lasky is correct.