New York Times can't bring itself to name ACORN in its headline on voter fraud story

So now the Times has to own up to the fact that its dismissive attitude towards criticism of ACORN was wrong.Why does The Times refer to a "Group"; by now, its readers are surely familiar with the "group's" name: ACORN.Will the Times own up to the fact that it was also wrong regarding the extent of the ties between Barack Obama and ACORN, which it also dismissed as so much piffle? The fact that the campaign funneled over $800,000 dollars to a corrupt group that has engaged in massive voter fraud, that illegally used get out the vote efforts for partisan purposes, that Barack Obama had ACORN as a client, that Barack Obama trained ACORN (though his campaign peddled the deceptive line that he was not ever "hired" as a trainer. True-he thought so highly of the group he trained them for free). How effective was his training and his campaign's efforts to monitor their money when such a huge percentage of their registrations were deemed invalid? When ACORN...(Read Full Post)