My interview for a Finnish TV documentary on Obama

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleased to be interviewed by Rauli Virtanen, a noted Finnish journalist with quite a career. He was filming a documentary on Barack Obama which will run on European television two days before the election.polite, and my own questions to him were answered informatively. He has had a very interesting career, and was also  very well-informed about American politics. I did find it interesting that he, too, had one thing wrong about Sarah Palin -- the same error Charles Gibson made about Governor Palin's prayer for our troops in Iraq. It was not the version perpetrated by left-wing blogs: that she saw it as God's War. Instead, in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, she hoped God would look after our soldiers.Rauli was receptive to hearing that version, as opposed to the wrong version. Rauli asked about John McCain and patriotism and wondered why Barack Obama was considered elitist.He told me that he was interviewing a Congresswoman (I suspect a...(Read Full Post)