Liberalism needs another bailout

So California needs a bail out. The state government is out of money. The Golden State, blessed with incredible beauty, perfect weather, fabulous soils, plenty of coast line and even much of the world's high tech and entertainment revenue, has managed to run out of money and is now asking Henry Paulson to tack on seven billion for their government. Grey Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Assembly has managed to do what Fidel Castro has done - run a paradise into the poorhouse. There are many problems with the state, not the least of which that many businesses have fled the state and taken their jobs and tax revenues elsewhere. For a number of years in a row, California has the country's "worst business climate."California managed to edge out other notably liberal "blue states" for the title, with New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Massachusetts rounding out the bottom five.  The only good news here is that sometimes businesses do flee Cali for New...(Read Full Post)