Hate mailbag

As an indepent (sic), I am appauled (sic) what you truly represent.  I used to think the democrats were the real enemy, but I finally woke up to reality.  You are the worse of the 2 evils, period!You are no thinkers, you are just lowlife fascists spewing your vile hatred and lies.  You are all hypocrites on a scale not seen since the "Pharisees" that Christ called a brood of vipers.  You preach morality and God, and try to mandate your sick evil twisted version of it down our throats through the Supreme Court.  Never mind Separation of Church and State?  Oh that's right, you don't have to play by the rule of law, or the Constitution do you?  Your agenda and version of morality is the same as Satan's.  You only care about making as much money as you can.  To hell with anyone that would support charity, or help anyone other than themselves.  Money is the root of all evil and you are the...(Read Full Post)