Gwen Ifill and the Vice Presidential Debate (updated)

Gwen Ifill has compromised herself and her employer, the publicly-funded PBS by failing to disclose an obvious conflict of interest. The degree of media bias for the Obama campaign becomes all the more obvious. She has a clear financial interest in the outcome of the presidential election, through her authorship of a book on Obama to be published Inauguration Day.  Urgent Agenda's William Katz reminds us: Clearly, that book is vastly more valuable if Obama wins.  In addition, Ifill's behavior on the air in covering Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the GOP convention was the subject of complaints to the PBS ombudsman.I've looked at Ifill's work for years.  An objective reporter she is not.  I recall that, after radical leftist Cynthia McKinney lost the Democratic nomination for her congressional seat one year, Ifill went on the air, two nights in a row, to talk about "groups," read that Jews, who financed her opponent.  She never once mentioned...(Read Full Post)