Don't tell me - ANOTHER radical in Obama's background?

Recognize a name here among the beneficiaries of taxpayer dollars? As Chicago (and Illinois, for that matter) reels from a fiscal crisis resulting in a cutback of services and layoffs of thousands, Mayor Daley spends many millions on public relations and image building. One of the beneficiaries is Marilyn Katz. Where have I heard that name before?  She is a bundler for Barack Obama, a person with a radical past (head of security for the Students for a Democratic Society-SDS-fromm which Bill Ayers' militant Weathermen group splintered).She was also the prinicpal organizer of the now famous 2002 antiwar rally in which Barack Obama spoke against the Iraq War. And she serves on his finance committee as well as  hosting fundraisers for him and donating thousands of dollars to the cause. She traveled to the Democratic convention, serving as a member of the credentials committee. She has links to Bill Ayers . She makes herself readily available to provide spin...(Read Full Post)